Zero width no-break space (U+FEFF) in clearsigned output message

lusfert lusfert at
Sat Nov 26 23:41:08 CET 2005

Hash: RIPEMD160

David Shaw wrote on 27.11.2005  1:05:
> On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 12:18:08AM +0300, lusfert wrote:
>>David Shaw wrote on 26.11.2005, Сб 18:30:
>>>U+FEFF is the BOM character.  It was in the original document, so it's
>>>in the signed document as well.
>>Then why this BOM character appears in clearsigned text if option
>>--textmode (-t) is used? As I understand from its description in man
>>file GnuPG threat input file as text. But BOM is a file, not text
>>signature; then why U+FEFF appears in output text? Or I'm wrong?
> I'm not sure what question you're asking here.  The BOM character is
> in your original document.  GnuPG doesn't modify input text, so
> therefore the BOM character is in the output text as well.  If you use
> --textmode, GnuPG canonicalizes line endings to CRLF, but again does
> not change actual text, including the BOM.
As I understand GnuPG handles input as text file, not as plain text,
even if option -t used?

> If you don't want a BOM character in your output, don't put a BOM
> character in your input.

Thanks, I already do that. Now I understand why clearsigned via command
line UTF-8 with BOM text has BAD sig using WinPT or GPGshell: they just
can't handle Unicode...

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