Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at
Wed Nov 30 19:39:22 CET 2005

Kurt Fitzner wrote:

>I know that encrypting a file without signing it is commonly done with
>symmetrical encryption.  My question is, do people commonly use GnuPG to
>encrypt a file without signing it using PK-encryption?
Well that's totally up to your personal taste =)

>Personally, I don't think this would be very common at all.  I mean, I
>can come up with conceptual reasons why someone might want to encrypt a
>file to someone else's key without signing the file, but in practice I
>would think it would be very rare.
>I would appreciate knowing if this is something that is commonly done,
>or if it is very rare.
Well of course it is more secure if you sign it, too. And it should not 
cost that much....


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