gpgme-1.1.0: make check: FAIL: t-sig-notation

William M. Perkins wmp at
Thu Oct 6 22:29:04 CEST 2005

I am trying to update gpgme-1.0.2 to gpgme-1.1.0:

"./configure --enable-static" find all of the needed pieces:

         GPGME v1.1.0 has been configured as follows:

         GnuPG path:    /usr/bin/gpg
         GnuPG version: 1.4.2, min. 1.2.2

         GpgSM path:    /usr/bin/gpgsm
         GpgSM version: 1.9.18, min. 1.9.6

         GPGME Pthread: yes
         GPGME Pth:     yes

It compiles using "make" with no errors on Fedora Core 4 with the  
2.6.13 kernel and gcc-4.0.1-4.fc4 compiler.

"make check" finishes with:
         1 of 20 tests failed
         Please report to bug-gpgme at

The failure happened at:
         t-sig-notation.c:108: Missing or duplicate notation data
         FAIL: t-sig-notation

Does anybody know if this might be a system config problem, or is it a  
real bug in gpgme-1.1.0?  What additional information do I need to  


William M. Perkins                   E-mail - wmp at
The Greenwood                        UNIX Systems Administration
Richmond, Virginia                   (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX)
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