Disk Partition

Thomas Jones admin at buddhalinux.org
Fri Oct 7 23:35:02 CEST 2005

markus reichelt wrote:
> * Thomas Jones <admin at buddhalinux.org> wrote:
>> John W. Moore III wrote:
>>> Running Knoppix from the CD I encrypted the Linux partition and
>>> it's virtually invisible. (unless one knows my HD size)
>> What do you mean by this statement? Are you referring to the
>> /randomization of the partition by use of dev/urandom?
> on a sidenote, using /dev/urandom is a bad idea. f.e. the standard
> slackware install and other distros as well have the following code
> (or something similar) in /etc/rc.d/rc.S:
The above statement, although worthwhile, is not well founded. I think 
it would be better to restate that randomization through utilization of 
SOME pseudo-random generators is not recommended. Or maybe even that 
some are more recommended than others.

For instance, I utilize the GSL for my system(s). Although, it is not 
truly random; it is significantly better to utilize such rng's rather 
than default rng's with a cots system.. After all, I don't know anybody 
who has the resources to acquire hardware rng's.

However, if you may have a recommendation on how to obtain the highest 
amount of sufficiently random number generation; I would be most 
interested to hear it. I am always looking for more secure methods to 
perform everyday activities.


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