Armor headers

Thomas Jones admin at
Sun Oct 9 02:40:15 CEST 2005

lusfert wrote:
> Hello.
> How can I change text (not by manually editing) in armor headers (for
> example, "Version:") or armor headers themselves (add, remove)? Will it
> affect compatibility with other applications?
> Can I put custom text into "Version:" in stage of exporting public key,
> making signatures, encrypting with ASCII output, etc.?
> Sometimes I do not wish that others will know what exactly OpenPGP
> implementation and OS I'm currently using.
> Thanks
I am really not sure that it is a good idea to do such. Some poorly 
written binaries may fault at an unexpected header; and bring your 
productivity to a grinding halt. However, all you should have to do is 
alter the source code.

I haven't done alot of research, however, it would be trivial to alter 
the following lines in the "g10/armor.c" source file to whatever you choose:

        if( !opt.no_version )
        iobuf_writestr(a, "Version: GnuPG v"  VERSION " ("
                   PRINTABLE_OS_NAME ")" );

Then simply recompile the "new" sources. Also I believe from the little 
bit of code that I did read that the end-user can append to the default 
version header with the addition of a -(dash) and some printable 
characters. Search for the DEVELOPMENT_VERSION variable if interested.


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