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Sat Oct 15 02:30:19 CEST 2005

Thomas Jones wrote:
> lusfert wrote:
>> Hello.
>> How can I change text (not by manually editing) in armor headers (for
>> example, "Version:") or armor headers themselves (add, remove)? Will it
>> affect compatibility with other applications?
>> Can I put custom text into "Version:" in stage of exporting public key,
>> making signatures, encrypting with ASCII output, etc.?
>> Sometimes I do not wish that others will know what exactly OpenPGP
>> implementation and OS I'm currently using.
The simplest method is to not output anything. Using the options
--no-emit-version and --no-comments would take care of that.

You could edit the message or use sed to replace the build OS and GnuPG
version strings with your choice, but you ruled that out already.

So, the final option is to build your own binaries. (see below)

> Then simply recompile the "new" sources. Also I believe from the little 
> bit of code that I did read that the end-user can append to the default 
> version header with the addition of a -(dash) and some printable 
> characters. Search for the DEVELOPMENT_VERSION variable if interested.

It's much easier to edit config.h after ./configure and before make and
change the define of PRINTABLE_OS_VERSION to whatever you'd like it to be.

As your User-Agent string says you're on Windows, you'd most likely want to
consult Carlo Bianco's "Building GnuPG for Win32 using MinGW" page

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