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>> There's a list of tested readers in the SmartCard-Howto on

> is there a Howto for Windows anywhere?
> I have a USB Reader from SCM to and can´t connect. There is no Program
> such as scdaemon in my Installation of GnuPG.


Sorry I've not responded sooner. It's just been /that kind of week./

On the SCM Microsystems site
(, the download
page for the driver for my reader has a note at the bottom:

	If the host is running Windows 98, Windows 98 SE or Windows Me,
	ensure that Microsoft Smart Card Base Components are installed
	on the host before attempting to install the drivers.

The English page for the Smart Card Base Components is located at:
This package installs the Smart Card Resource Management Service
(SCardSvc.exe) which handles the card. This piece and the SCM driver should
be all that you need.

scdaemon is part of GnuPG 1.9. I didn't need it to get my OpenPGP card working.

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