Questions about the use with GnuPG and SmartCards

Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at
Thu Oct 20 10:24:04 CEST 2005


I'd have some questions about using smartcards with together with GnuPG 
and would be grateful if you could help me.

1) Are there any security drawbacks when using smartcards compared with 
the "normal" store key on disc procedure?

2) Any knowledge if the Omnikey ( readers (especially 
those from the RFID series) work together with Linux and GnuPG?

3) Does GnuPG work only with special cards or is every smartcard or 
contactless (RFID) card ok?

4) Are there any restrictions, e.g. can the keys still be only 1024  
large, can't I use Keys with Photo on the card, etc.
Or does this solely depend on the memory of the card. If so, how much 
have the biggest cards about?

5) Are there any, from a security point of view, differences between 
readers and between cards?
For exmple I know that some readers have integratet keypad for the PIN 

Thanks and best wishes,
Christoph Anton Mitterer.
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