Delete key from keyserver

John W. Moore III johnmoore3rd at
Sun Oct 23 06:10:52 CEST 2005

Neil Williams wrote:

> As I said, you can verify my key via someone else. Once your key is in the 
> "strong set" this becomes a lot easier. I regularly come across keys used on 
> this list that are instantly verified by the web of trust.
> The web of trust is scalable - you just need the opportunity to get 
> signatures. This is an area where we largely make our own opportunities.
> I have not met everyone I can trust via the web of trust. From David's stats, 
> I have 20 or so signatures that link within the main set and I can trust some 
> 1400 keys that way.

Ergo, from Neil I show a "Green" stripe, indicating that our Keys have
"bumped into each other" since upon checking, I see no sig from Neil on
my Key.


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