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Neil Williams wrote:
> On Saturday 22 October 2005 9:20 pm, zvrba at wrote:
>>2. WoT is problematic in that it is very sparse.
> In certain areas, maybe. The only solution to that is to get more keysigning 
> done.

And to get more people using OpenPGP. Does anyone have a document called
(eg.) "Why you should use OpenPGP" or similar? I've read the GNU Privacy
Handbook and it's more of a HOWTO than a WHYTO.

>>   My problem is that I can't find another GPG user whom I can 
>>   meet in person and arrange key signing.
> Sorry to hear that but how hard have you tried? Have you travelled to 
> somewhere that other key users might be expected to gather, like exhibitions 
> or Linux meetings? Do you have a LUG in your area and have you joined? You 
> aren't listed on biglumber so that's one avenue you haven't tried.

Do you have to be a Linux user to join a LUG?

> If you want a formalised external method of identity verification, consider 
> using x.509 and people like Thawte will provide an alternative to GnuPG's 
> personal (face-to-face) methods.

Several people who I've tried to get using OpenPGP just "don't get it"
because it's "too hard to integrate with (email client, usually" and have gone for Thawte X.509 certificates instead. And then
they never use them.

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