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Neil Williams linux at
Sun Oct 23 11:53:50 CEST 2005

On Sunday 23 October 2005 5:49 am, Alphax wrote:
> Neil Williams wrote:
> > The only solution to that is to get more 
> > keysigning done.
> And to get more people using OpenPGP. Does anyone have a document called
> (eg.) "Why you should use OpenPGP" or similar? I've read the GNU Privacy
> Handbook and it's more of a HOWTO than a WHYTO.

I've got a v.v.brief one:

It's just why I use gnupg rather than a treatise on why someone else should 
use it. It is GFDL.

There's also general stuff here:

Elements of each could be combined - the FAQ isn't expressly GFDL but if it's 
used for GFDL material I would have no objection.

If that work is sent back to me, I would also be v.happy to publish it as part 
of the first site, under the GFDL.

Don't worry about the HTML, a plain text version crafted from these and other 
sources would be fine - as long as it can go under the GFDL.

> Do you have to be a Linux user to join a LUG?

No, you just have to be interested in GNU type stuff - and in most LUG's GnuPG 
qualifies as relevant.

> Several people who I've tried to get using OpenPGP just "don't get it"
> because it's "too hard to integrate with (email client, usually
>" and have gone for Thawte X.509 certificates instead. And then
> they never use them.

Bad choice of email client!


There are plenty of email clients that integrate gpg/pgp very easily. The 
resistance is not against gnupg itself but against the change of email 
client / problems with the existing client.


Neil Williams

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