Automatically encrypt and sign outgoing mail

Dmitry G. Golub dgolub at
Thu Oct 27 06:44:22 CEST 2005

Faine, Mark writes:

> I've configured system account mail (root, postmaster, etc) to be sent
> to a user account and then that user account is using a .forward file to
> send the mail to my workstation where I can review it.  I would like to
> do the same but include an encrypt/sign step into the process.  
> I've created a key for the user who will send the system's mail.
> I've imported the key into the keyring of this user, signed it and set
> the trust.

> I've searched all day for a procmail recipe that would encrypt/sign the
> message upon arrival in the user mailbox but I've not found anything.
> I'd like to set it up so that the mail is encrypted and signed to my
> workstation gnupg key and then the mail is forwarded to my workstation
> email account.  This way all the mail I receive from the system will
> always be encrypted.

There is a good program called email ( that 
encrypts and sends mail in batch mode.  So, you can make procmail receipt to 
re-send this mail to your main account.

By the way, you can use it in crontabs, and you will have an additional
value: when the program has empty STDIN, it does not produce any mail.

I'm using it in crontabs of some system users. License is GPL.


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