allowed commands on keys that keyservers handle correctly

David Shaw dshaw at
Thu Oct 27 18:09:19 CEST 2005

On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 12:13:27PM +0200, Realos wrote:
> >> If I like to remove my signature from a certain key and/or uid, what is
> >> the best approach to that? Does it make sense to revoke the signature or
> >> just delete it? I find both of these commands in "gpg" software but am
> >> unclear what to use.
> >
> >You need to revoke the signature once you have lost full control over
> >the public key (i.e. uploaded it to a keyserver).  Deleting a
> >signature/uid or key makes only sense if you can replace all copies
> >with the updated one.
> Replacing an old key with updated one seems to be possible with
> biglumber and such other servers. Such servers have the disadvatage of
> not syncing with other public servers and only allowing one public key
> per email address. 

Note that the ability to replace an old key with an updated one and
not syncing with other public servers go together.  You can't have key
replacement if you sync, since the old key can come back from a server
that hasn't done the replacement.

> Are there any other drawbacks of Biglumber? 

Biglumber is not really a keyserver.  Well, it's a keyserver in the
sense that it is a server, and it stores keys that people can retrieve
from it.  It's not a keyserver in the sense that it has no automated
interface that can be used via something like:

   gpg --keyserver --search-keys xxxx

Biglumber is more of a "find people to sign keys" service, though some
people do use it as a sort-of keyserver.


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