allowed commands on keys that keyservers handle correctly

Realos realos at
Fri Oct 28 12:04:16 CEST 2005

>Note that the ability to replace an old key with an updated one and
>not syncing with other public servers go together.  You can't have key
>replacement if you sync, since the old key can come back from a server
>that hasn't done the replacement.

I am a bit cautious about key uploading on servers, at least until I
feel more comfortable and competent with gpg commands and concepts. I
once created a key with some PGP program which automatically was
uploaded to some keyserver. I lost the private key part and this key is
doomed on keyserver for eternity. For such reasons, I like to experiment
with BL which does not sync with other public servers.

>> Are there any other drawbacks of Biglumber? 
>Biglumber is not really a keyserver.  Well, it's a keyserver in the
>sense that it is a server, and it stores keys that people can retrieve
>from it.  It's not a keyserver in the sense that it has no automated
>interface that can be used via something like:
>   gpg --keyserver --search-keys xxxx
>Biglumber is more of a "find people to sign keys" service, though some
>people do use it as a sort-of keyserver.

Yeah, it does not support hkp protocol but that is not an issue for me
at the moment. I just see some advatages of BL like key signing announcements
and key replacements as a big plus for me in the beginning.

Some time in future I will move on to public servers. But now it seems
biglumber is my choice.



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