Feature request: expand 'clean' to 'clean total'

Alphax alphasigmax at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 08:25:49 CET 2005

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Dirk Traulsen wrote:
> Am 29 Oct 2005 um 2:25 hat Henry Hertz Hobbit geschrieben:
>>On 27 Oct 2005 Dirk Traulsen wrote:
> ----snip----
>>>So here is my feature request: Please make an option to delete
>>>signatures, for which there is no corresponding signing key on
>>>the local keyring.
> ----snip----
>>I hope I am misunderstanding this.  I think I am.
>>I have a little bit of a problem with this.  First, I am NOT part 
> of
>>the WOT and never will be (look at my name and you will see why).
>>Second, I have precious few public keys on my key ring, and Werner 
> is
>>one of them.  You should all of those pretty "[User ID not found]"
>>after all of those sigs.  Thank goodness I am NOT part of the WOT. 
> If
>>I was (part of the WOT) and cleaned out all of those signatures on 
> his
>>key, signed it, and uploaded it to one of the keyservers so it
>>reflected he had another signee, what would happen to the ones that
>>were cleaned out?  I am sure that most if not all of them are
>>legitimate signatures.
>>Like I said, I am pretty sure I am misunderstanding what you are
> Yes, you do! 
> This does not effect the keys on the keyservers! The keyservers 
> always only add or merge the keys they are sent. This means, if there 
> is already a key with that ID, they take the sent key apart and add 
> the new parts (if there are any). 'clean total' would have absolutely 
> no effect on the keyservers or the WoT.
> The proposal is about all those [User ID not found] in the keys in 
> your LOCAL keyring. My proposal would only have an effect on the 
> keyringsize on your storage media. 
> Even in my really small keyring, there are several thousand of unused 
> signatures. Can you imaging the effect on local keyrings with 
> hundreds of keys? Because you don't have the corresponding signing 
> key in your local keyring, gpg cannot verify them, so these 
> signatures are not useful for you. (With the exception, that you have 
> a visual hint that there are more signatures on the keyservers.) 

I have a keyring with 1600 keys on it which has a physical size of
almost 30MB. I would appreciate this feature very much.

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