Feature request: expand 'clean' to 'clean total'

markus reichelt ml at bitfalle.org
Sun Oct 30 12:32:44 CET 2005

* Dirk Traulsen <dirk.traulsen at lypso.de> wrote:

> I obviously think this to be a good thing to have, but I'm a little
> discouraged by the nearly total lack of interest of the list. I
> would really appreciate a discussion of the proposed feature and
> change of the man-page. Please write if you think that it's a waste
> of time or preferably that you would like to have this feature.

I'm interested too. 

"How many Minbari does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
'I don't know, sir. How many Minbari does it take to screw in a light
"None. They always surrender right before they finish the job and
they never tell you why."
        -- Sheridan and Ivanova, "A Race Through Dark Places"
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