the best signature type someone can give me

Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at
Mon Oct 31 00:57:58 CET 2005


This is just a short question,... (I'll ask a lot of other things 
regarding signatures as part of "my" "Lots of questions" thread :-) )..

What is the "best type of signautre someone can give to my UIDs?

Ok,.. I think there are the following types:
local, non-revocable, trust, normal

So I he/she gave me a non-revocable signature he/she can't revoke the 
signature later (thus take it away from me ;) ).
Is it suggested using NR signatures? Why should one do so, or why not? 
(I mean what are the advanteages/disadvantages)?

Than the signature level (0, 1, 2 ,3) => of course 3 is the best,.. 
he/she checkt my UID very carefully or so

Trust signatures,...
What is the difference between a normal and a trust signature. I don't 
understand that concept *g*

Best wishes,
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