GnuPG Large File Issues - Windows

Jeffrey Tadlock jeffreyt at
Sat Sep 3 16:02:31 CEST 2005

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From:	Werner Koch [mailto:wk at] Sat 9/3/2005 2:56 AM
>What will always work is to use
>  gpg --encrypt-files -r "System Administrator" -z 0 < FILENAME > >FILENAME.GPG
>Note the '<' and '>'.  Using redirection gpg won't know anything about
>the file seize and simply encrypt everything coming in on the stdin to
>stdout.  Decryption work similar.

First apologies for whatever mangling Outlook Web Access does to this email.

I tried the command line above on a smaller file (which has been encrypting and decrypting with no issues) and received the following error:

gpg: input line 1 too long or missing LF

Am I typing something wrong?  Here is what I typed:

gpg --encrypt-files -r "System Administrator" -z 0 < sql-db.bak > sql-db.gpg

The files I am trying to encrypt/decrypt are Microsoft SQL Backup flat files (DB dumps).

Thanks again!

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