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Werner Koch wk at
Sun Sep 4 13:42:45 CEST 2005


I have just released a first version of GPGol, the new GPG plugin for
MS Outlook.  The intention is to replace the old G-DATA plugin by more
modern code.  We basically rewrote it from scratch and thus a lot of
bugs are to be expected.

Successful tests have only be done with Outlook 2003 and there are
reports that it does not work at all with OL 2000.  The general design
of the plugin has basically been carried over from the G-DATA plugin;
however we are currently investigating whether it will be possible to
make use of custom forms for better integration and to avoid some of
the more ugly hacks.  (274k) 

Noteworthy changes for version 0.9.0 (2005-09-04)

* Major rewrite. Renamed the package to GPGol.  Note, that there used
  to be intermediate versions unter the name OutlGPG

* The package as been renamed to GPGol and consist of only one DLL
  named "gpgol.dll".  Installation of gpgme.dll and libgpg-error.dll
  is required.

* It may by now only be build using the Mingw32 toolchain.

* GPGol now uses the standard GPGME.


To install this plugin, copy it to some directory (e.g. where gpg lives),
make sure that the libgpg-error.dll and gpgme.dll are available in a
directory where Windows searches for DLLs (e.g. c:\winnt\system32),
stop Outlook, run the command "regsvr32 outlgpg.dll" and start
Outlook. You should then find a new tab named "GnuPG" in Outlook's
option menu.

Note: For building in src/ you need to throw an original mapi32.dll
into this directory.  This is due to a bug in the binutils: ld is not
able to properly read a DEF file but will happily use the same
information from an actual DLL.  The problem is that symbols like
HrSetOneProp at 8 are actually written without the "@8" into the import
table when used with a DEF file and generated import lib.  Needs more
debugging - any BFD cracks who can lend me a helping hand?  (wk).

Bug reporting: First click on the logo on the GnuPG options tab to
check whether a newer version has been released - try this first.  If
this does not help, check out the mailing lists and also the bug
archive at (use username and password "guest",
select "query" and there category "gpgol") if you did not found any
information there please send a report, including all relevant version
numbers to the address given at the top of this AUTHORS file.

Subversion access

The code is also available in a Subversion repository:

  svn co svn:// gpgol

An online version is also available:

Failure and success reports are greatly appreciated.



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