Transparent keyboards

Oskar L. oskar at
Sun Sep 4 14:01:12 CEST 2005

pats_comp_solutions at wrote:

> I don't know of any transparent keyboards off-hand (I can check our
> local computer store tomorrow, since they have one there).


> But, I will
> say this.  There is a keylogger out that goes between the keyboard plug
> and the case.

There are several, see and for examples. These are too
obvious, and the police most likely will put the keylogger inside the
keyboard or inside the case of the computer.

> So, unless you are able to see through the back of the
> case, or are so paranoid that you turn the case all different directions
> before you turn it on, you'll never see it.

I have my computer on the floor, and can easily see all sides without
turning it. Mounting a small mirror behind the computer might be a good
solution to this problem for some.

> And, if you're at
> home, and can't even trust your own family, then anything
> computer-related is the least of your concerns.  I'd be more inclined to
> be looking up a good psychologist rather then a transparent keyboard.

I choose to live alone (for security reasons) so what I worry most about
are keyloggers and microphones. Here in Finland the police have a special
group investigating us (animal rights activists), and we have caught one
infiltrator, so considering this I don't think that it's a sign of
paranoia for me to occasionally check for keyloggers.


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