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> Once a computer or other device that needs secure access is sufficiently
> protected, it becomes cheaper for a large government agency to resort to
> bribery or torture to get the information it wants. Assuming they do not
> wish to try bribery, are you sure you want your machine that safe?

That's a silly argument. Because they are ways of obtaining your
passphrase by force, you shouldn't bother using one or take other
protective measures? Last I heard, the government of Finland was not
known for torturing its citizens.

> I assume you are using gnupg for all your correspondence with everyone. If
> you encrypt only your sensitive communications, it will be painfully obvious
> which of your e-mails to decrypt, saving the black hats a lot of trouble.

A lot of trouble in what way? Do you know of a black hat agency able to
decrypt exiting gpg-encrypted messages?

The original poster may want to check out "Tinfoil Hat Linux"[1] which has
some interesting capabilities, including an anti-keylogger measure. A
laptop or PDA with its own keyboard could be useful as well.


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