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Anders Breindahl skrewz at
Sun Sep 4 18:36:06 CEST 2005

On Sunday 04 September 2005 14:48, Jean-David Beyer wrote:
> Jean-David Beyer wrote:
> > Oskar L. wrote:
> >>>pats_comp_solutions at wrote:
> >>>I choose to live alone (for security reasons) so what I worry most about
> >>>are keyloggers and microphones. Here in Finland the police have a
> >>> special group investigating us (animal rights activists), and we have
> >>> caught one infiltrator, so considering this I don't think that it's a
> >>> sign of paranoia for me to occasionally check for keyloggers.
> >
> > Thank you for clearing up that point.
> >
> > Once a computer or other device that needs secure access is sufficiently
> > protected, it becomes cheaper for a large government agency to resort to
> > bribery or torture to get the information it wants. Assuming they do not
> > wish to try bribery, are you sure you want your machine that safe?
> >
> > I assume you are using gnupg for all your correspondence with everyone.
> > If you encrypt only your sensitive communications, it will be painfully
> > obvious which of your e-mails to decrypt, saving the black hats a lot of
> > trouble.
> Come to think of it, once they have access to your box, why would they not
> just replace your gnupg software with their own version? And while there,
> replace your version of tripwire with their own version of that, too, so
> you could not tell they did anything.
> Why not just move your enterprise to a more accepting location: hills of
> Afghanistan, for example?

I believe you're missing the fact, that the OP uses a live-CD and 
USB-flash-memory. The only thing he has to care about then, is the hardware 
he's using [0].

By the way -- why Afghanistan, of all places?

Regards, Anders Breindahl.

[0] And the transport used, when he fetches the live-CD-images... And the way 
he accesses sites on the web... And the integrity of his home/workplace... 
And whether he leaves the live-CD when he goes to sleep... And whether the 
distributor of the live-CD-images has become corrupt... And whether the 
headers of the mail he sends are too revealing... And of course, the lone 
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