PKCS#11 support for gpg-agent

Nicholas Cole npcole at
Mon Sep 5 09:35:15 CEST 2005

--- Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:


> It may not be widely adopted but nevertheless it is
> the standard to
> make sure that confidential information can be send
> over the Internet.
> It is used all over the Net and major industry
> players are using it
> and even requring that suppkiers are using PGP.  
> The IETF has not decided whether OpenPGP or S/MIME
> will be the
> preferred standard.


I don't mean to get involved in the heated discussion
about smart cards and the like, but since it has been
raised, I would welcome some clarification about
gpg-1.9, and the thinking behind adding support for
s/mime.  What is the "roadmap" (from the point of view
of users) for gpg?

Is there any sense in which opengpg is, or may be
soon, a deprecated standard? 

Beyond the pros and cons of centralised CAs, what are
the advantages of the two?

It seems to be the case that amongst individuals and
open source projects, openpgp is in very wide use
(these things are relative!) - and given the ease with
which openpgp has shown it can adapt to emerging
security threats I would expect that to continue.  I
have no idea at all how well commercial pgp is doing.



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