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Tue Sep 6 01:42:14 CEST 2005

Sure, with enough anything can be brute forced.
But what happens when that "enough" isn't possible?

Brute forcing (alone) 256-bit keys is a joke. It's just not a issue.

Being investigated by animal rights folk does *not* make you a terrorist.

Now back to being on topic but still slightly off...

I think a laptop you keep with you all the time is a pretty good shot. :)

On 9/6/05, the dragon <ceprn at> wrote:
> I suspect, with enough horsepower and resources, any encrytion can be
> broken.
> I am sure, at one point, all encrytion was thought to be unbreakable.
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> Jean-David Beyer wrote:
>  >I imagine if the NSA really wanted to decrypt a gpg-encrypted message,
> they
>  >have the resources to do it. It would probably take them a while if they
> had
>  >to use brute force
> No, they can's do it by brute force. Look even at the power requirements
> to do such a calculation: we're talking about an energy consumption that
> is more that the entire sun will radiate during its entire lifetime.
> I'm pretty sure that's beyond anything even the NSA can deploy.
> If they are able to decrypt pgp/gpg, it will be because they either broke
> an algorithm or implementation of it, or they have obtained the key by
> other means (keylogger, hidden camera, tempest, virus, torture).
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