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Alphax alphasigmax at
Wed Sep 7 12:51:46 CEST 2005

Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
> David Picon Alvarez wrote:
>>You trust the Microsoft CryptoAPI? Well why don't you just run Windows,
>>which Microsoft Says is Perfectly Secure, and use Microsoft's inbuilt
>>X.509 instead of OpenPGP, since Microsoft Guarantees No Back Doors in
>>the CryptoAPI?
> No! this is not the issue of cryptography.
> It was an argument for the GPL position that some of the people here took.
> I am saying that if you take that stand, GPL application can enjoy the
> Microsoft environment more than the open source environment, and that it
> does not make sense to me...
> Please read the whole corresponding.

I understand.

The only place in the GPL where libraries are mentioned is in reference
to the LGPL. Using the Microsoft CryptoAPI doesn't appear to be legal;
AFAICT, this is similar to the reason why Enigmail insists on GPG
instead of being able to interface with PGP on Windows systems.

In that case, it appears that GNU/Linux has the upper hand, because at
least there are *some* GPL/LGPL libraries available for what you want.
With Windows, it appears that everything is proprietary.

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