Hushmail troubles...again

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>Subject: Hushmail troubles...again
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>  I've tried over the past week to send encrypted e-mails to a 
>friend with a 
>Hushmail address from Kmail on SuSE 9.3 . 

>  The problem is, it always ends up at the Hushmail place as an 
>attachment and 
>no way to open it or read it. I even made a Hushmail account for 
>myself and 
>tried it and it did the same thing for came to the 
>Hushmail as an 
>attachment with no way to open it.
>  Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is it something Hushmail is 
>doing wrong? 
>Does anyone have any idea what it could possibly be,

it might be that your e-mail program is sending the message as 
which hushmail receives as an attachment

try sending the message as encrypted inline text,

encrypt your message first,
copy it into the e-mail program, 
and send as is

i have been doing this with hushmail since it first came out, 
without problems,
(now if i could only figure out how to get hushmail to stop 
mangling clearsigned sigs ... :-) )


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