UbuntuLinux GPG Still Doesn't Work With Remailers

Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 21 20:56:59 CEST 2005

You, Guitar Bench, wrote:

>Apparently not.  I have used the --pgp2 switch with no
>resulting success.

--pgp2 without the idea plugin is quite useless I think. There are
hacked pgp2 versions that can use other ciphers, but I don't think
they're in widespread use.

>If I can figure out how to install IDEA, I will, but I
>can't see how it could possibly matter with DSS/DSA

It won't. Those keys are not pgp2 compatible anyway.

>> put idea.c in the cipher dir and recompile.
>The "cipher dir" in this case would be
>/home/anonymous/.gnupg ?

No, that is a dir when you unpack the source code of GnuPG.
I don't know if the load-extension still works on Unix systems.
If it does, you'd have to compile the file idea.c into a loadable
module and can put it anywhere, and point to it in gpg.conf.

>My personal guess at this point is that this has
>something to do with charactersets, though nominally
>UTF-8 should work.

I have no experience with special character encodings. However, it
shouldn't influence the encryption/decryption, only how the file
looks afterwards on your screen. The bits of the file should not
change by it.

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