UbuntuLinux GPG Still Doesn't Work With Remailers

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Wed Sep 21 03:12:37 CEST 2005

--- Johan Wevers <johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Do these mailers still require pgp 2.x encrypted
> messages?

Apparently not.  I have used the --pgp2 switch with no
resulting success. The remailers have used all
versions of PGP in Windows with no decryption problems
whatsoever for years in some cases.

> If so, installing IDEA and using the --pgp2 switch
> might help.

If I can figure out how to install IDEA, I will, but I
can't see how it could possibly matter with DSS/DSA

> >>The biggest difference between PGP/Windows XP vs
> >>GPG/Linux seems to be the line endings to me.
> However, in email this is standardised so it should
> not matter.

The original respondent was correct.  I can say with
absolute, 100% certainty that this is not the case.

Despite -at armoring, I have seen the GPGed armored
messages arrive with "|"s at the end of each line,
etc.  There are definitely line ending compatibility
problems in some cases, worst with Yahoo mail, though
these support Windows/PGP flawlessly.

> put idea.c in the cipher dir and recompile.

The "cipher dir" in this case would be
/home/anonymous/.gnupg ?

My personal guess at this point is that this has
something to do with charactersets, though nominally
UTF-8 should work.  The ONLY way I could get GPG to
work (sometimes) in Enigmail for simple encrypted
e-mail only, however, was to change the characterset
to ISO-8859-1.  Linux/GPG has for the most part been
an unremitting nightmare to use, and I have been using
PGP daily since I beta-tested v.1 for Phil Zimmerman
back in the late Bronze Age.

I am NOT trying to use Enigmail with remailers.  For
this I have used the kGPG shell or stright comman-line
GPG encryption, with no difference in success.  The
messages as sent look 100% perfect...they just don't

I have repeatedly asked over the past several months
on alt.privacy.anon-server and alt.security.pgp for
help from people using Linux/GPG with remailers
without success.  I have no access to the remops list,
though this would probably give the most useful info. 

This may just be yet another example of Linux Hell,
one of the seemingly infinite number of undocumented,
utter application failures that make that OS such a
trial to use. [sigh!]

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