PGP Encryption Problem

anglotiger jkaye at
Tue Apr 4 19:21:02 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Newbie here, so please forgive me if this is common knowledge, but this
problem is somewhat pressing...

I have created a key with GnuPG.  I have exchanged keys and fingerprints
with someone using PGP 6.5.  I can encrypt files and send them, and they can
decrypt them.  But when they try to encrypt a file to send to me, they have
a problem with my key:

sig?           0x00000000             (Unknown signator, can't be checked)

This sounds like the key is unsigned, but I thought it was signed by default
with the --gen-key.  When I try to edit the key, it tells me:

"my key ID here" was already signed by key C4BB83C2
Nothing to sign with key C4BB37C2

In fact, when I create and send a new key, they try to import it and see the

Looking for new keys...
DSS  1024      0xFBE42E2A 2006/03/31
keyfile contains 1 new keys. Add these keys to keyring ''? (Y/n) Y

Keyfile contains:
   1 new key(s)

One or more of the new keys are not fully certified.
Do you want to certify any of these keys yourself (y/N)? y

Key for user ID:
1024-bit DSS key, Key ID 0xFBE42E2A, created 2006/03/31
Users cannot encrypt to this key.

Any thoughts/advice/instruction would be extremely welcome...

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