Automated Decryption via Script Running Setuid

John M Church at
Wed Apr 5 20:16:44 CEST 2006

Searched the archives back through Oct. '05 and didn't see a solution to 
my problem...
Bottom line to problem: If a script running setuid as userA but called 
by userB contains a GPG command, GPG responds with userB information 
instead of userA.

I have a perl script '' that is being routed 
information from a C-wrapper that runs as userA.
-rwsr-sr-x   userA   pass_STDIN_to_parseMail_andSubmit_toDB.exe
The info contained in STDIN is an emailed message with an attached file 
(encrypted with userA's public key).  In, I 
save the attachment to a file and call a second perl script 
''.  This script contains userA's passphrase which I am 
attempting to use to decrypt the file ala:
"cd $dir_containing_file; echo \'${passphrase}\' | 
/usr/local/share/bin/gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --output 
${file_to_decrypt}_cleartext$$ --decrypt $file_to_decrypt".

However GPG responds with:
"cp: cannot create /.gnupg/gpg.conf: Permission denied
gpg: fatal: can't create directory `~/.gnupg': No such file or directory
secmem usage: 0/0 bytes in 0/0 blocks of pool 0/32768"

It is as-if GPG knows that userB originated the call (in this case the 
email daemon which probably doesn't have a /home/daemon and certainly 
doesn't have GPG keys).  So I setup a second test where jchurch (as 
userB) called the c-wrapper and changed the GPG command in to 'echo \'Calling whoami\'; /usr/ucb/whoami; 
/usr/local/share/bin/gpg --list-keys' and I received the key info for 
userB instead of userA.  See below.

pub   1024D/63A468CF 2006-03-23
uid                  John Church (Second Key working with Joel) 
< at>
sub   2048g/2D0142AB 2006-03-23

pub   1024D/F3D3D15D 2006-04-03
uid                  razoradm (Razor Administrator) < at>
sub   2048g/B73F17B6 2006-04-03

The key info for userA should have been returned.

Does anyone have any clue as to whether GPG is this smart?  I admit to 
being a newbie to GPG so perhaps I'm doing something stupid.  Any 
suggestions would be appreciated.



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