auto-key-locate pka (gpg version 1.4.3)

Bob Henson bob.henson at
Sun Apr 9 18:09:05 CEST 2006

David Shaw wrote

>> >> That's very bad, as I downloaded the official binaries from
>> >> Will there be a different version that supports this new feature? I
>> >
>> > We don't support DNS queries under Windows right now.  Windows does
>> > not provide the usual resolver library so we would need to write
>> > special code for Windows, which has not yet happen.
>> Does the same apply to the ability to cross-certify, Werner, or is that a
>> different matter altogether? I get no response here - not even an error
>> message - gpg just sits there asking for a command.

> Cross-certification and PKA/CERT are unrelated to each other.

I realise that, what I was asking was did the problem also relate to the
Windows build - in other words, was I wasting my time trying to get it to
work as the OP was with his (different) problem.

>  What (public) key were you trying to cross-certify?

All five of my keys -  FBA06282, 31C737BD, 8FD7EAA9, A9732CF4 and 9652ABDA



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