setting the url field of a OpenPGP fails when using gpg-agent

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Apr 11 17:03:46 CEST 2006

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006 14:00:56 +0200, Michael Bienia said:

> if I try to set the url field of an OpenPGP card using gpg with
> gpg-agent it fails with the following error:
> | gpg: sending command `SCD SETATTR' to agent failed: ec=6.32769
> | gpg: error setting URL: general error
> But I can set an url if I use gpg without gpg-agent.

To debug this, you need to use a log file scdaemon and enable
debugging.  Put

log-file socket:///home/YOU/.gnupg/S.log
debug 2048

into scdaemon.conf and restart it.  Then attach

 watchgnupg --force ~/.gnupg/S.log

(you may have this already running or using the KDE frontend).



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