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Thorsten Haude linux at
Mon Apr 17 22:19:25 CEST 2006


* Julia Dashkevich wrote (2006-04-17 10:25):
>Having gone through the setup and key generation, it
>was necessary to make my public key available on the
>web keyserver. Is it true that if i publish it there
>my email address (which comes in the user id) may
>become a target for spammers?

Yes, a far as I know. Anyway, damage done, you can't delete the key
AFAIK. I hear that Thunderbird's spam filters are very good, so you
shouldn't have too much trouble.

>Is it possible to show an existing webmail address in the user id
>which is not the email address i am going to use with encryption

This could be awkward for your email partners. For example, my mail
program automatically looks for the key based on the email address.

>Moreover, will i only be able to send encrypted mail
>to other gnupg users, or does it matter if the
>recepient has encryption software of the kind?

Only to GnuPG and most PGP users.

>ANy imput will be welcome - please respond, i need
>this info in order to make a decision whether to
>proceed with using this software or quit.

Well, I hope you proceed anyway. It's IMHO currently overall the best
solution by far.

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