Help understanding gnupg needed!

Stef Caunter stef at
Tue Apr 18 01:17:21 CEST 2006

get over it, publishing your email results in spam; I don't think that this 
suprises anyone anymore - deal with it in your own way and move on. The rage 
against spam has resulted in excellent filtering software, but the 
energy on both sides amounts to equilibrium.


>> Is it true that if i publish it there
>> my email address (which comes in the user id) may
>> become a target for spammers?
> Yes, a far as I know. Anyway, damage done, you can't delete the key
> AFAIK. I hear that Thunderbird's spam filters are very good, so you
> shouldn't have too much trouble.
>> Is it possible to show an existing webmail address in the user id
>> which is not the email address i am going to use with encryption
>> feature?
> This could be awkward for your email partners. For example, my mail
> program automatically looks for the key based on the email address.

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