Clear all signatures on key?

Tech tech at
Wed Apr 19 08:35:59 CEST 2006


I'm trying to figure out how to remove all signatures from all my GPG
keys. I've RTFM but I've missed something I'm afraid. Here is what I am

1. Type "gpg --list-keys" and I get a list of my keys. (me at is a
fake email address for the sake of this post...)

2. I type gpg --edit-key me at

I am now in edit mode

Command> list

(I get my key information)

Command> uid 1

(I then select my key)

Command> Delsig
Nothing deleted.

Command> Minimize
User ID "My Key etc etc":
already clean.

Command> check
uid "My Key etc etc"
1 user ID without valid self-signature detected

Command> quit

3. I type 'gpg --list-sigs" and I get a list of keys thusly:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>gpg --list-sigs
pub   1024D/XXXXXXXX 2005-08-10
uid                  My Key (Email Encryption/Signing Key) <me at>
sub   4096g/XXXXXXXX 2005-08-10 [expires: 2006-08-10]
sig          XXXXXXXX 2005-08-10  My Key (Email Encryption/Signing Key)
<me at>

Question: What signature is listed there that is reported from my
--list-sigs command? What have I missed? I would think I have no
signatures installed on my key?

Thanks for the help and info,


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