Configuring GPGrelay and MUI account settings

Julia Dashkevich iulia_das at
Thu Apr 20 10:03:44 CEST 2006

I installed GPG relay and tried to use it with OE, but
it did not work. configured it as advised in the
readme file:
Name [display name]
Local port: 32025
remote server: mail.xxxxxx.xx
remote port: 25
type: SMTP
ssl/tls: no

Name [display name]
Local port: 32110
remote server: mail.xxxxxx.xx
remote port: 110
type: POP3
ssl/tsl: no

Keyrules: it showed all keys on my keyring (except for
one recently added) in the <default profile>
<default profile> settings:
Send mails to associated recipients : pass-through

It is possible to drag and drop recepients' user ids
to 'always encrypt' profile which allows for the
option to encrypt and sign.  But i did not find a way
to add the new keys from my keyrings.  it reports that
probing sockets on both relays failed.  error #10061

In OE: email address: [my email address that is also
listed in my uid attached to the key]
servers: incoming mail
outgoing mail
Incoming mail server:
account name - [my login name]
password [my password]
my server requires authentication - yes, use same
settings as incoming.
connection: always connect using Local Area Network
advanced: SMTP 32025
POP3 32110
server timeouts: 90 sec.
What did i do wrong?

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