Why are my signatures being labelled as bad?

Robert Smits labour at telus.net
Wed Apr 19 21:47:02 CEST 2006

I'm trying to figure out why I can send encrypted messages to myself at home 
from my work computer, and they come through just fine, but signed messages 
to myself from my work computer come labeelled as having a bad signature.

Work computer - Suse Linux 9.3 running Kmail and KGpg. Have identity set to 
sign and encrypt with same GPG keys. Exported public address to home 

Home computer Compaq laptop running Suse 10.0, also with Kmail and KGpg. 
Imported public key from work, set it as trusted. 

Signed files from work arrive at home with "bad" signatures. Encrypted files 
from work arrive at home and decrypt just fine. 

Signed files and encrypted files from home arrive at work just fine. Can 
anyone point me in the correct direction?


Robert Smits Exec Ass't Ph 753-0201 Fax 753-2954 Email labour at telus.net

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