GPGME: Exporting a private key

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Aug 2 09:02:40 CEST 2006

On Tue,  1 Aug 2006 13:49, Ludovic Courtès said:

> For example, my initial goal was to interface GNUtls' OpenPGP mechanisms
> with GPGME, and it turns out that a `gnutls_openpgp_privkey_t' can only
> be initialized from an exported key.  Perhaps GNUtls' API should be

That makes sense as along as you don't want to closely integrate gpg
and gnutls.

> changed in a way that doesn't assume the ability to read one's private
> key (perhaps using GPGME)?

I need to look closer at the API and discuss this with the gnutls

>>From the GPGME user's viewpoint, the most specific way of identifying a
> key is its `gpgme_key_t' object, even if, behind the scene, it all boils
> down to using the key's fingerprint.

Yes, sure.  The API is pretty old and used to be an ad-hoc approach
which truned out to be pretty usable.

Marcus, can you please check whether e can provide a second API
passing a key_t?



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