GPG question

Brian Rosenvinge brian at
Mon Aug 14 16:25:39 CEST 2006

I have been trying to automate the pass phrase for the first GPG 
instance below.  Is it possible with this string and if so where would I 
add the command?  Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am just getting 
started trying to script using GPG.

David Shaw wrote:

>cat thefile.gpg | gpg | gpg -r recipient_1 -r recipient_2 -r recipient_3 --encrypt > output.gpg
>The catch is that the first gpg instance is going to need to prompt
>you for a passphrase, and the second gpg instance may need to prompt
>you whether the recipients are trusted (if you don't have a trust path
>to them).  An easy way to fix this, is to add a "--trust-model always"
>to the second instance (assuming you really do trust those recipient

Brian Rosenvinge wrote:

>> I need to decrypt a file that has been sent to me and immediately 
>> re-encrypt the file for three new recipients.  I would like to automate 
>> the process with a batch file.  To avoid the file being left 
>> un-encrypted during the batch process I would like to redirect the 
>> output of the decrypt command into the encrypt command for the new 
>> recipients.
>> I have been unsuccessful in my attempts, can anyone help me out?
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