GnuPG (Windows XP) Problem

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Fri Aug 18 05:27:14 CEST 2006

I have a problem. I have 2 computers and I set one up with GnuPG(GPG) with a
key. I use Thunderbird to send and receive encrypted email with no problems.
The second computer is not set with any key. I want to setup the second
computer with with the "Same" email like the first computer with a key, but
it doesn't work. When I start to generate my key, it fails. Here is what I
I typed in my name, enter the "Same" email, basically everything is all the
same. Once I entered my pass phrase, it starts generating the key. After a
couple of minutes, I get the below error. 
gpg: no writable public keyring found: eof 
Key generation failed: eof 
gpg: can't create `C:/GnuPG\random_seed': No such file or directory 
*My path variable under mycomputer/properties/path is the following* 
Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\MailFrontier" 
Some people add the path ";c:\program files\GNU\GnuPG" after MailFrontier or
whatever their path is set to, but I'm assuming that I don't need to do that
because on my other computer it is setup with GnuPG and has the same path as
mentioned above and still everything is ok. 
I'm all out of ideas on how to fix this. I've googled all day and I found a
few people with the same problem, but theres were in linux and mine is in
Windows. The solution for linux was to make sure it had read and write
access(something similar to that) and a few other things which looked pretty
easy to fix by the way. I tried grabbing some of those hints and applying
them to Windows, but it doesn't seem to work. It was at least worth a try
tho......... smile.gif 
But so far I've found nothing related to Windows. That's about all the
information I can think of right now. 
PS, If there's a way to fix this, please inform me. Detailed instructions
would be nice by the way. 
Thank You. 
Windows XP and latest version of GnuPG 
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