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Fri Aug 18 21:17:12 CEST 2006

John wOnk3r wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem. I have 2 computers and I set one up with GnuPG(GPG) with a 
> key. I use Thunderbird to send and receive encrypted email with no problems. 
> The second computer is not set with any key. I want to setup the second 
> computer with with the "Same" email like the first computer with a key, but 
> it doesn't work. When I start to generate my key, it fails. Here is what I 
> did.

/"I want to setup the second computer with with the "Same" email like the first

Then your easiest route is to use the same key unless you need to keep your
identity on each machine separate. But if that was the case, you wouldn't be
using the same email address.

Just copy the keyring files.

> I typed in my name, enter the "Same" email, basically everything is all the 
> same. Once I entered my pass phrase, it starts generating the key. After a 
> couple of minutes, I get the below error.
> gpg: no writable public keyring found: eof
> Key generation failed: eof
> gpg: can't create `C:/GnuPG\random_seed': No such file or directory

Don't use C:\GnuPG. Accept the GnuPG installer defaults.

> My question is, is it possible to have 2 computers with the same email 
> settings but with a different key

Yes, but then the recipients of email from each machine would have to keep track
of two keys. They also would not know whether to use machine A's or machine B's
key to send you an encrypted message.

> OR is there a possibibility that I can use the same key for both computers? 
> If yes, how would I set that up?

Quite possible. I use the same keys on about a dozen machines running various
operating systems.

You would copy your keyring files (*.gpg) and gpg.conf from the GnuPG home
directory on the first machine to the GnuPG home directory on the second machine.

> PS, Detailed instructions would be nice by the way.

> Thank You.

You're Welcome, but stick with just the one email address when sending, OK?

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