Problem retrieving signed and encrypted emails

Charly Avital shavital at
Sat Aug 19 08:44:14 CEST 2006


I have received your post on this subject four times: the three first
versions were identical, the fourth one (quoted hereafter) is different
both in Subject and contents (you have added an EDIT paragraph).

I am checking my own POP settings, to find out whether something is
wrong with them, that has me receive three times your same message. So
far, you are the only sender with whom I have experienced this multiple
receipts, for these three specific messages only. Or maybe it was some
kind of hiccup of the list's server.

To the point:
In addition to the indications supplied in this forum by John Clizbe, to
check your POP settings in your *gmail* account (where I too think your
problem might be), may I suggest a wild guess, that you also check your
Thunderbird's Junk mailbox where your signed or encrypted messages might
be, if, for some unknown reason, Thunderbird's junk filters are
intercepting those messages. As I said, I wild guess.


1wing-angel wrote the following on 8/18/06 10:58 PM:
> I don't know if this is a Thunderbird issue, a GnuPG issue, or a Engimail
> issue. I'm assuming it's Thunderbird's problem. I also don't know if I
> should post this to you guys or Thunderbird or Enigmail, but anyway I hope
> this is the right place.
> So far everything is working ok, BUT whenever I send a "Signed and
> Encrypted" email to myself, it goes through Gmail but I can't receive it
> with my Thunderbird email client.
> When I log onto my Gmail account, the signed and encrypted email is there in
> my inbox, but when I try to retrieve the message from my Thunderbird email
> client, it doesn't work. It doesn't give me any error messages or anything.
> *I use the latest Thunderbird and Engimail*
> How would I retrieve the signed and encrypted email that I sent to myself
> with my Thunderbird email client?
> I'm thinking this is a configuration issue. I just don't know where to look.
> I've checked the Thunderbird configuration settings, but it doesn't give me
> any hints. Maybe one of you guys/gals can lend me a hand?
> Thank you.
> EDIT: I just confirmed that if the message is "signed" by me and when I send
> it to myself using Thunderbird, I can't retreive it back. BUT when I log
> into Gmail's account, the "signed" email is there in my inbox. What's going
> on here? How come I can't retreive signed and encrypted emails with my
> Thunderbird email client?

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