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On 08/20/2006 07:31 AM, Caitlin wrote:
> 1). My roommate and I share a WinXP box. If I install GnuPG 1.4.5 on
> it, would this represent a potential security concern?
Your keyring would be stored in your personal home dir, if you have
installed XP on a NTFS partition(i.e.: permissions are enabled) ad you
trust that machine there aren't security risks; to decrease a bit your
paranoia level ;-) you could enable windows file encryption(EFS) on you
keyring files/directory.

> 2). Would I have to copy and paste encrypted messages received via
> email to a disk (for example) then transport them to the machine
> mentioned in #1 for decryption?
Only if that machine doesn't have an internet connection. There are
OpenPGP plugins for almost every MUA.

> 3). If a security issue arises with the version of GnuPG I'm using,
> what happens to my keyring, private key, etc. when I upgrade? I'm
> assuming I would have to send my friends/associates a newly generated
> public key so we could resume communication?
No, since the security issue is not related to the underlying
cryptographic algorithms(e.g.: some time ago ElGamal signatures were
discovered to be weak, so in newer version of GnuPG the generation of
such keys is disabled).

> 4). How secure (generally speaking) is installing GnuPG on a flash
> drive and using it for all GnuPG related activity? I'm a college
> student and security on the campus network is clearly of paramount
> importance.
The machine you are using to do crypto stuff must be trusted in any case.
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