encrypt the sent folder

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Tue Dec 5 21:30:22 CET 2006

Eray Aslan wrote:
> Surely there must be a better way.  These all require admin access to the
> IMAP server.  The software already does what I want some of the time (when
> I send the recipient encrypted email).  I just want it to do it all the
> time.

There isn't.

If you want a program that does this, you're going to need to write it
yourself.  It seems like it could be done in just a couple of hours of
Perl.  But once you do that, you're going to need to hack on
Enigmail/Thunderbird in able to support text searches through encrypted
data, then you're going to need to... etc., etc.  It's a nontrivial
amount of work.

Also remember that OpenPGP is a wire protocol.  The protocol is not
meant for mass storage.  Sure, you can use GnuPG to encrypt files, but
once you start dealing with large numbers of them you're generally going
to be better off using a system that's purpose-built for the task.
Like, say, an encrypted filesystem.

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