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Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Thu Dec 7 04:14:03 CET 2006

Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> Todd Zullinger wrote:
>> That seems more like not feasible than unreasonable.  But the
>> results are the same. :-)
> Infeasible: "we have the manpower, we have the tools, we have the
> talent, but the architecture is working against us in a big way."
> Unreasonable: "our manpower is stretched so thin that all infeasible
> RFEs are unreasonable expectations of us."

I suppose that's one way to define the terms.  I was thinking that
unreasonable would be more aptly applied to a request that wasn't
grounded in any good reasoning.  Not feasible could be applied for
either lack of manpower or lack of an available set of hooks to
achieve the goal.

> As is unfortunately common with open-source projects, there's a
> major lack of manpower on Enigmail.  If you know Javascript and
> would like to get your hands dirty with Enigmail, why not volunteer
> over on the Enigmail list?  :)

While I think that the Enigmail team has done a really great job of
integrating OpenPGP into Thunderbird[1], I'm a happy Mutt user and not
looking to switch back to any graphical MUA. ;-)

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of all those folks that create the
tools so many of us use, from the kernel hackers working on low level
drivers for obscure funtions I will likely never understand, to David,
Werner, Timo and all the GnuPG developers/contributors, to Ingo, John,
Patrick and others who spend hours integrating those pieces into easy
to use graphical interfaces that I can teach a friend to use pretty

[1] For Windows, Thunderbird with Enigmail is the only thing I'd
recommend to friends getting started.  For linux, it's either
Thunderbird/Enigmail or Kmail.  Both projects have done a lot to make
using PGP both seemless and secure.

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