Correct location of 'automake'?

Charly Avital shavital at
Tue Dec 12 19:01:25 CET 2006

When trying to compile GnuPG 2.0.1, I was told to run automake before
applying David Shaw's patch.

Whenever I tried to run automake, I got a long error message, the gist
of which was the version I was using. 1.6.3, was wrong, and that I
should use 1.9.6.

I tried to install 1.9.6 by compiling the source code. It apparently
succeeded, but automake --version still gave 1.6.3, as well as
/usr/bin/automake --version.

I have now tried 'locate automake', and it seems that I have the two
versions, 1.6.3, and 1.9.6 installed, but in different paths; following
are partial quotes of the Terminal output:

When I do:
/usr/local/bin/automake --version
I get version 1.9.6




Moreover I have:




So what should be the 'correct' path?

- /usr/bin/automake


- /usr/local/bin/automake  ?

Thanks in advance,

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