gpg writes junk forever when decrypting

Gou Yang mega408 at
Tue Dec 12 02:17:31 CET 2006


I think I've hit a bug in gpg. When I try and decrypt a corrupt pgp file, it 
looks like it is working but when it hits the corrupt part of the file, I 
see this error pop up:

gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.
gpg: block_filter 0x80e8ac0: read error (size=11072,a->size=27456)
gpg: block_filter 0x80e8a98: read error (size=14947,a->size=39523)

When this error pops up, gpg goes out of control and starts appending junk 
to the decrypted file and never stops appending junk.

I've let it sit up to 50GB before I killed gpg. The original file is only 
about 1GB but I wanted to see if it would ever stop. I've looked around but 
I didn't see anyone else who had this problem and resolved it.

I could verify the signature prior to attempting to decrypt the file but the 
file isn't signed.

Any suggestions? Any workaround? Anyone else have this problem?


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