Making Progress, Still having Bad Signatures.

Robert Smits bob at
Sat Dec 30 00:33:38 CET 2006

As some of you may know, I've been having bad signatures on my SuSE 10.1 KDE 
install. I use Knontact/Kmail/Kgpg for mail. Messages I send to myself that 
are gpg signed are coming back marked as having bad signatures.

This occurs whether or not the keys are exported to key servers.

I have experimented :

1.	Using entirely new signatures created by kgpg.
2. 	Using signatures without pictures, in case the size of the pictures had an 		 
3	Using signatures created in Windows with PGP 8.1and sent with Eudora (Win)

No matter what I do from the Linux side signatures are marked as bad when they 
return from the server (I'm sending them to myself).

Messages with PGP 8.1 signatures from the Windows side come back just fine. 
When I receive them in Kmail they are marked as good signatures.

Here is the discovery. When I look at mail in the sent box in kmail, the 
signatures are marked as good signatures, but the sig id has changed.

The key signature has an id of 0x3E6E37DA when I look in the KGpg key 
management window. When I look at the sent message it's marked with the 
following key:  0xECE5238D3E6E37DA.

So, even though the key is green and says it has a good signature, the key id 
has changed.

Since all the machines around here do this, and I have Suse 10.1 installed on 
all three Linux boxes, and this behaviour occurs on all three, the next thing 
I'm going to try is to install Kubuntu on a laptop to see if this occurs with 
it, too. If it does, then it's got to be something in KDE, Kmail, Kontact, 
KGpg etc. 

I'll let the list know if I make any further progress.


Bob Smits Email bob at
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