gpg on cron task

enediel gonzalez enediel at
Sat Feb 4 03:23:47 CET 2006

  I use debian sarge and I need to encrypt and decrypt automatically backup 
files using gpg

  I create a php script will the whole procedure, which include the 
following declaration


  $str_execute = "cd /tmp/backup && /bin/echo apassword | /usr/bin/gpg -se 
--passphrase-fd 0 -r enediel at /


enediel at is included into the trusted chain for the root user.

When I execute the script manually as root, I obtain the encrypted file, but 
if I put the same script as a cron's task, the whole script works perfectly 
except the encryption process, and I not receive any error.

I'll appreciate if somebody help me with that, basically what I need is to 
encrypt and decrypt specific files automatically using gpg.

Thanks in advance for any answer
Linux user 300141
Debian GNU/Linux

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