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Thanks for the answer.

Am Montag, 20. Februar 2006 01:14 schrieb John Clizbe:
> Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I have a key on an official Austrian banking card (the operating system
> > of the card is ACOS, the company that provides the keys is a-trust). How
> > can I use this card with my Reiner SCT CyberJack card reader to sign
> > mails using gnupg?
> >
> > The card's OS is proprietary (it also doesn't seem to be a pkcs#15 card),
> > but a PKCS#11 library for mozilla is provided. This works just fine in
> > mozilla, however, I want to sign mails in kmail, which only uses gnupg.
> Hi Reinhold,
> There is at present no PKCS#11 support in GnuPG that I know of. 

Yes, I saw that in the archives. 

> The only smartcard support I'm aware of is the OpenPGP card.

However, Werner said in several mails that all that smartcard support that was 
in opensc is now also added to gnupg. He also said that all other cards are 
supported by custom code, so I wanted to know how I can use this non-OpenPGP 
card with openpgp.

> And since it works with Mozilla, I suspect your banking card is using a
> X.509 certificate not a PGP key.

Probably. However, I still need to sign mails with this smartcard, so is there 
still a way to use this card with the X.509 certificates with kmail / gnupg? 
For official documents I'll sooner or later need to sign with this card.


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